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AAH Certification Image 2PRACTICE EXAMS

Free practice exams are available once one registers to take an American Allied Health national certification exam. These practice exams have the same instructions and format as the actual online certification exam and have questions that will be similar to the questions you can expect to be on the exam. You can take the practice exams as many times as you wish.


AAH offers the following free topical study guides to help you review for the exam. These study guides are designed to show you the main topics you will need to know in order to do well on the exam. You may gain access to them after you register for the exam. Use them as topical guides to study at your leisure, and then sit for the exam whenever you are ready.

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AAH Certification Image 2You will need to keep your national certification current; to do this simply login to your AAH account and complete the annual renewal process outlined there. Upon renewing your certification you will receive an up-to-date certification card with a new expiration date.

There are two aspects to keeping one's certification current: annually paying one's renewal dues ($32.00) and completing continuing education (5 CEUs per year).

In order to keep your national certification current, you must submit your annual dues, and submit proof of completion of 5 CEUs (continuing education units). If your certification lapses you must apply for reinstatement.

AAH offers all the necessary CEUs online, which you can get from within your online account. Otherwise, one may obtain CEUs from on-the-job training, workshops, further education from accredited training programs, military training, as well as from standard CEU providers, both in person and online. Proof of CEU completion may be uploaded on our website in the "CEU" section of your AAH account or sent via mail, fax, or email.