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What is certification?

Certification provides standardized, third-party evaluation of the competencies of allied health professionals—according to national standards of care. This is why it is often required by employers. Certification has become standard practice for joining allied healthcare careers.

Most states do not have additional licensure requirements beyond certification. In a few cases, however, having active AAH certification credentials is required before you can apply for a state's licensure program. But the certification itself is a prerequisite, not the same thing as licensure. Use our searchable Regulations Map to find more information about your state.

Yes. AAH has over fifty thousands members, working in all 50 states, U.S. territories, and over 30 countries overseas. Use our searchable Regulations Map to verify there are no additional requirements beyond AAH certification to work in your state.

In addition to our free study guides, practice tests, and Premium Guides, AAH recommends the online training courses provided by, whose material will prepare graduates to sit for the national certification exam.
Eligibility Requirements

To sit for the exam, you must satisfy at least one of the following prerequisites:

  • Completion of a related course or training program, or
  • One year's work experience in the field, or
  • Relevant military training, or
  • Previously have been certified by another agency.

To demonstrate your eligibility, you will be asked to upload to your AAH account at least one of the following forms of documentation. AAH will review and approve your eligibility within 1-2 business days.

  • Copy of either school transcript, diploma, or certificate, or
  • Letter from employer indicating job title and length of employment, or
  • Check stub indicating job title and hire date, or
  • DD Form 214 (for military personnel), or
  • MemberID/Certification# from previous certification agency

(Note: If you have been instructed to enter a Registration Code or Eligibility Code by one of our AAH-Affiliated testing partners, you won't be required to submit any documentation.)

Yes. You may confirm your eligibility to sit for any exam from within your AAH account, either before or after paying the exam registration fee.
About the Exam

  • All exams consist of 150 multiple choice & true/false questions
  • Exams are timed: 120 mins
  • The test must be taken in one sitting
  • The passing score is 75%

AAH provides free topical study guides and online practice tests to help you prepare. A premium study guide is also available for those who want to purchase a full refresher course.

Yes. The exam is graded and test results are shown immediately. Upon passing the exam, you will gain access to your official certification documents within your AAH account.

The first retake is free. There is no mandatory cool off period between retake exams; so you can retest from within your AAH account whenever you're ready. And if you need additional test attempts, further retake exams may be purchased for a small fee.
About Online Testing

All examinations are taken via AAH's secure online Computer-Based Testing (CBT) Portal. After registration, you may access the exam from within your AAH account by logging in to You may take the exam from your own personal device (e.g., home computer, tablet, laptop), or onsite if directed by one of our 500+ AAH-Affiliated Testing Partners.

The online exam is compatible with all modern web browsers and both Apple and/or PC systems—the testing portal may be accessed using a desktop computer, laptop, Chromebook, tablet, or mobile device.

Candidates who receive a non-passing score have the ability to appeal their test results up to 30 days after an examination attempt. Appeals must include the candidate name, date of testing, and description of the reason for appeal. Send requests directly to; the Appeals Review Committee will respond within 15 days of submission.
Renewal Information

To keep your certification current you must renew once a year by logging back into your AAH account. The annual membership renewal dues are $32.00 per year.

To keep your certification current you must complete at least 5 CE credits before your next expiration date. You can get these credits anytime throughout the year by taking a short, online CE course provided by AAH—or by uploading documentation of your own external CEs (CEUs, CECs, or CEHs) you have earned that year.

Yes. Depending on your last expiration date you may have to re-register and retake the exam. But in most cases renewal is still possible by completing continuing education (5 CEs) and paying a small fee.

  • If expired less than 30 days there will be a $20.00 late fee.
  • If expired longer than 30 days there will be a $50.00 reinstatement fee.
  • If expired longer than 365 days there will be a $100.00 reinstatement fee.
  • If expired longer than 36 months you must re-register and retake the exam.

Yes. This is called "renewal by reciprocity." Learn more and apply for reciprocity on our site here.
General Information

For nearly two decades, American Allied Health (AAH) has been featured in health science textbooks as a leading allied health certification & credentialing agency. We partner with leaders in U.S. State Departments of Education to provide certification and continuing education courses, for over ten different health career vocational pathways and our members work in all 50 states and over 30 countries overseas.

AAH's question pool is developed, maintained, and systematically peer-reviewed by a panel of subject matter experts, medical doctors, pharmacists, and educators, who are collectively referred to as the "Board of Examiners." The Board is responsible for ensuring AAH's standardized exams test for key competency areas which are in line with national standards of care.
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