Medical Administrative Assistant Study Guide

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Core Competency Areas

The exam tests for 'Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities' (KSAs) in the following core competency areas:

17.5%Medical Terminology

17.5%Patient Scheduling

15%Patient Intake

10%Patient Education

15%Legal & Ethical Compliance

15%Medial Office Policies & Procedures

10%Office Logistics


Topical Breakdown

Use the following topical guide to help you prepare for the exam:

I.  Medical Terminology (17.5%)

  • Use medical terminology to communicate with patients and physicians
  • Recognize abbreviations and acronyms used to complete administrative duties
  • Use word parts (i.e., prefixes, roots, suffixes) to define medical terminology

II.  Patient Scheduling (17.5%)

  • Evaluate different types of patient scheduling
  • Determine scheduling needs of the facility, as well as new and established patients
  • Follow protocol for no-show, missed, cancelled, or follow-up appointments
  • Arrange for diagnostic testing and procedures
  • Confirm future appointments

III.  Patient Intake (17.5%)

  • Confirm demographic information with patient
  • Verify insurance information
  • Ensure forms are updated or completed
  • Prepare encounter form
  • Prepare daily charts

IV.  Patient Education (10%)

  • Explain the Patients’ Bill of Rights
  • Explain the patients’ insurance responsibilities
  • Explain pre- and post-instructions for testing and procedure

V.  Legal & Ethical Compliance (15%)

  • Follow HIPAA guidelines
  • Follow OSHA guidelines
  • Follow the Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines

VI.  Medical Office Policies & Procedures (15%)

  • Perform office opening and closing procedures
  • Greet patients upon arrival
  • Apply telephone etiquette
  • Create correspondences
  • Demonstrate basic computer skills

VII.  Office Logistics (10%)

  • File medical records
  • Perform financial procedures
  • Evaluate mail deliveries


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