National Certification & Registration
We offer national certification and registration for the following fields:

The Benefits of AAH Online
Certification & Registration

Fast and convenient
100% online certification
Free practice exams
One free retake
Immediate test results
Instant PDF of certificates and certification card
Free shipping of certificate and certification card hardcopies
Online employer verification
Board written and nationally approved certifications
Easy online renewal

What to Expect in the
Certification Process

Register on the AAH website for your test of choice
Prepare for exam with free study guides and practice tests
Take exam online or at one of our physical testing sites
Receive instant PDF certificate and certification card
Receive mailed hard copies of certificate and certification card

Learn the main topics you will need to know for the certification exams. American Allied Health offers free study guides that outline the main topics you will need to know to pass the exam.   Get a feel for the testing format and the types of questions with our free practice exams. Upon registering you will gain access to unlimited practice exams.   Register now to get nationally certified in your allied health field. With our 100% online services, this is the most convenient way to gain certification; instant testing results and simple online renewal process.
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